What is Psychotherapy?

Is it different to counselling?

Psychodynamic therapy helps you understand how your current feelings and behaviours have been shaped by your past experiences and your unconscious mind and impulses. Together with the guidance of your therapist, you can begin to think about your feelings, why you might behave in a certain way, and what the affects might be in your relationships. Your therapist would help you to delve a little deeper and really think about your past relationships, experiences, behaviours and the emotions that linked to these.

As with psychodynamic therapy, you still have the opportunity to talk and share your experience in counselling, but your counsellor will mostly work with and focus on your current situation, maybe not delving so deep into your past experiences.  

Both counselling and psychotherapy are very similar. You are offered a space that is safe, confidential and non-judgemental to explore your feelings. Whether you have psychotherapy or counselling, it is very important that you feel safe and are able to build a therapeutic relationship with your therapist/counsellor.